[appreciation digest] the vital role of collaboration in today’s workplace

By o.c. tanner

With the rapidly accelerating pace of innovation and technological advancement, effective communication and collaboration in the workplace have never been more critical. When teams effectively collaborate, employee engagement and motivation remain high and companies thrive.

This week’s appreciation digest takes a closer look at the vital importance of collaboration in today’s world and workplace and sheds light on some tools and strategies to help your organization work together more effectively.


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  1. Innovation And Collaboration Are The New Dynamic Duo – Are you utilizing the innovative thinking not only of your own employees, but also your competitors? How are you thinking about collaboration? Read More


  1. Collaboration in a World Where Everything is Connected – Effective communication and collaboration are becoming increasingly critical as we reach what some are calling the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Read More


  1. First CIO on Workplace by Facebook Talks Collaboration in the Enterprise – Learn how Facebook’s Workplace app is taking collaboration to the next level. Read More


  1. The Collaboration Software That’s Rejuvenating the Young Global Leaders of Davos – A sophisticated software is helping people connect and collaborate in a new way. Read More


  1. How Culture Drives Atlassian’s Ambitions To Be The Collaboration Platform For All Companies – Learn what motivated this software start-up to enhance the way the world collaborates at work. Read More

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By o.c. tanner