achievement vs. attitude: what’s driving your career?

By todd nordstrom
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Your experiences on your resume got you the job. Your accomplishments got you promoted. And your credentials have earned you oodles of respect. Or did they?

Like badges, we all like to think our achievements are the most valuable aspects driving our career forward. “I’ve been in this job for decades,” says Jim. “I hold the record for sales,” says Susan. “I earned the Good Work Award,” says Harold.

The good news about achievements is we can keep repeating them forever. The bad news is they happened yesterday.

When it comes to driving your career into the future, it’s important to realize your attitude was the driving force of past achievements and therefore should be the primary driver of your achievements in the future.

Take this short personal quiz about your attitude:

  1. I still feel the desire to give my best.                                                          Yes or No
  2. I gave my best and deserve to slide a bit.                                                  Yes or No
  3. I’m willing to venture into unchartered areas.                                             Yes or No
  4. Only people who have done it before can be successful.                          Yes or No
  5. I feel comfortable doing only what I know best.                                          Yes or No
  6. I welcome new challenges.                                                                         Yes or No
  7. I like to create new opportunities.                                                               Yes or No

These question, although they appear to be simple, give you a glimpse into your current attitude. And if you felt just a tad bit nauseous about answering truthfully on a few, then you also probably saw a glimpse of your future achievements.

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Jessica Mahoney

This is a very nice article! Achievements is that you have it forever but, it came from the past however, if we are talking about attitude, this is your character, of who you are and this is also a good basis for the success of your career of how pursuant you are to reach the top and how you want to continue to stay there.

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By todd nordstrom

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