10 movie characters who deserve a little recognition

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Chewbacca from Star Wars.

Chewbacca may not say much (heck, he just growls), but he’s the ultimate sidekick and true loyal employee. He’s always at Han Solo’s side, rescuing Leia, C-3PO, or commandeering imperial walkers to shoot down enemy troops. Let’s give him the medal he deserves. Hugs all around!


Sallah from Indiana Jones.

Whether it’s preventing his friend from eating a poisoned olive mid-toss, providing horses as a get-away vehicle, or transporting the Ark of the Covenant back to the U.S., Sallah has literally saved Indy’s life more than a few times. He deserves more than just a hearty pat on the back.


Kronk from Emperor’s New Groove.

If there’s one word that describes Kronk it’s devoted. Kronk does everything asked of him. From poisoning the emperor and turning him into a llama to dumping his body off a waterfall, he does it all with a smile and never receives a thank you in return. Definitely an underrated character that deserves a little more recognition. Here’s to you Kronk!


Cameron Frye from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Cameron should have been recognized for many things. Not only did he go along with whatever crazy scheme Ferris had going, he let Ferris (after much pestering) take his father’s beloved car! You know, the one Ferris ended up accidentally destroying by crashing out the window? All he needed was a simple, ‘thank you for being a good friend, Cameron’.


Fezzik from Princess Bride.

Ah, Fezzik. He was a missed recognition moment throughout the entire movie. He helped Inigo, Buttercup, Westley, practically the whole crew. It wasn’t until the very end when Inigo says, “Fezzik, you did something right.” Definitely a character that needs a little more recognition. But don’t worry Fezzik, we got you.


Velociraptors in Jurassic World.

Sure, the velociraptors are trying to attack and eat the humans throughout the entire movie, but they save the day in the end by attacking t-rex and enabling the humans to escape off the island. We think that deserves a big applause.


Milton Waddam from Office Space.

Oh, bumbling Milton. Not only was he never recognized for his work, he wasn’t even appreciated as an employee! We personally believe if Milton were recognized for any minor task, given a piece of cake, kept his stapler at his desk, or was not moved to storage… maybe he would not have burned down the building? Just maybe.


Snape from Harry Potter.

Love him or hate him, Snape saved Harry time and time again. Yes, he did it because he was in love with Harry’s dead mother, but he did it nonetheless. He took the fall for Draco, stood by Dumbledore’s side, and was a loyal spy for the good side. We feel Snape never got the full recognition he deserved. Perhaps if he was a little more recognized for all the good he was (secretly) doing he wouldn’t have been such a cringe worthy villain 6 out of the 7 books.


Eowyn from Lord of the Rings.

The evil Witch-King boasted, “No living man may hinder me.” Good thing Eowyn was a woman. She stabbed her sword through his head, killing him and ending the battle. If anyone deserves recognition it’s her!


Edna Mode from The Incredibles.

C’mon, she goes against the status quo of supermodel costumes, comes out of a 15-year retirement to design a whole new set of superhero outfits that amplify each superpower (no capes!), and is never properly thanked! Edna definitely wins the award for most innovative. We’ll make sure she gets the recognition she deserves.


Tell us: who would you recognize?


By kassi cox whale
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Victoria Gladstone

Edna E. Mode deserves the recognition because she was not just innovative, but outgoing and her witty bon mots are hilarious. I was given a talking Edna Mode doll as a gift and when I am in need of an outlier’s perspective that voice shakes me up!

July 13, 2017   |   Reply

Nice one Kassi. really creative to think in this direction and also find reasons for each!

August 3, 2017   |   Reply
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