3 reasons your employees want recognition

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Have you ever delivered killer results on a project only to have no positive feedback? No pats on the back? No decent acknowledgement?

If that neglect happens enough, today’s employees may be demoralized, which would affect future efforts. Yet, simple steps can avert disaster, build team members and bring more productivity. Here are three initial reasons for high-fiving your team. 

1. It helps them want to keep up the good work

It is human nature to want validation for good work. Praise for good work reinforces the behavior and encourages it to continue. When given positive validation in some form or another, people feel a greater sense of self worth and their confidence increases. Most of your employees are the same way, they thrive when their good work is noticed and praised. Recognition and praise gives employees a reason to be motivated, which brings outstanding results. Driven employees produce better work because they can see how their efforts benefit the company’s goals and values. This drive to produce good work can also encourage your employees to go above and beyond expectations. Employees who feel their hard work is overlooked or under-appreciated can start to shut down; they don’t have the same incentive to do well when recognition is not likely. It is a win-win situation, because your employees feel valued and important, and you, as an employer, get harder-working employees that are working to benefit your company. 

2. It helps them feel valued and makes their jobs more enjoyable.

I am willing to bet most people who hate their jobs feel so because they don’t think they are of value in the company. Maybe their boss expects a lot from them but doesn’t give positive feedback or praise. Or maybe they don’t feel their work is appreciated. When employees receive praise and recognition, it helps them to feel valued, making their jobs more enjoyable. It’s hard to enjoy a job when you don’t feel appreciated. Lack of appreciation is a downhill slope to complaints and dissatisfaction. Praise and recognition are the fast track to hard-working employees who love what they do. Not only will your employees enjoy their jobs, they will want to stay and be engaged. Your turnover rate will decrease because your employees don’t want to leave the positive environment you have created.

3. It helps create a positive company culture.

Employee recognition and appreciation can go a long way when it comes to a work environment. When employees enjoy their jobs, it facilitates a positive environment for everyone to work in.  When employees feel valued it helps them to value each other creating a cohesive culture in the work place. Recognition builds trust between associates and trust is vital in a positive work culture. A positive company culture helps employees remember their worth, which makes them more committed the company.

Ways to recognize your employees

Employers can recognize their employees in one of two ways: formally or informally. To formally recognize an employee, you can have weekly, monthly or yearly events to recognize particularly exceptional work. Formal recognition is in front of peers and co-workers, which gives the employee a sense of accomplishment as well as a little something extra to work for.

Informal recognition should be a regular occurrence. You can practice behaviors, such as saying thank you, expressing appreciation or giving compliments for good work. Employees should be validated often but not too often that it feels insincere.

Recognizing your employees is the best way to make everyone happy. It helps build trust and loyalty. It makes people feel important and valuable to your team. It is a simple way to boost morale and give your employees another reason to come to work every day—and enjoy doing so.

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