5 questions to ramp up your employee appreciation

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In honor of Employee Appreciation Day, we’re challenging you to make your accolades even more meaningful—and keep the kudos going all month long. Keep these five questions in mind and you’ll set yourself up for success every time you show appreciation to your employees. 

Who likes the spotlight on your team and who doesn’t? For the person who hates being in the spotlight, asking him or her to be center stage while you’re expressing your appreciation will be a disaster. Likewise, if you drop off a note on the desk of a person who craves public recognition, it won’t have the same impact as if you express your appreciation at a team meeting or other group event. Cater your message to each individual’s needs and your appreciation will be well received.

What do your employees love? Take time to learn the favorites of each of your employees. What is each person’s favorite snack, flower, author, hobby, restaurant, beverage, sports team, etc.? Take notes or send out a form for everyone to complete, and use this inventory when selecting a personalized treat that shows your appreciation and communicates you care.

When should you appreciate? It’s best to make employee appreciation timely and relevant. Be sure to keep track of all the things your employees do well throughout the year so that you can make note on their performance reviews. But don’t wait for the review or a special event to express your appreciation. Take time to acknowledge and appreciate an employee’s efforts in the moment.

Why are you showing appreciation? Express your appreciation from an authentic place. Avoid appreciation that is automatic or based on a sense of obligation or guilt. Be genuine. Communicate why you sincerely value contributions and you’ll have even more reasons to express your appreciation.

How often should you appreciate? If you can’t remember the last time you expressed your gratitude to your team, it’s been too long. Make a goal to do something for employee appreciation on monthly, weekly or daily basis. It can be something as simple as sending a “job well done” email to the team, or bringing in doughnuts at the end of a long week. Regardless of what you do, employees feel valued when you regularly express appreciation.   

Showing gratitude for your employees’ efforts is something you can, and should, do throughout the year. By asking these five questions you’ll be ready to demonstrate appreciation in a way that resonates with each individual. You can also download this checklist to help you remember.

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