5 steps to the best #appreciationambush ever

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Want to show someone just how much you appreciate them? You don’t need to write a lengthy speech or hand craft a thank you note. All you need is 15 seconds. That’s right, it’s the Appreciation Ambush—just in time for Employee Appreciation Day. How does it work?

  1. Pick someone in your life who you appreciate the heck out of.
  2. Grab your smartphone and surprise them with a super short, heartfelt appreciation.
  3. Post your ambush on your social media of choice with #appreciationambush (with their permission, of course)
  4. Encourage the person you ambushed to ambush someone they appreciate
  5. Sit back and browse #appreciationambush until your heart is about to burst with feels

And while appreciation ambushes are perfect for Employee Appreciation Day, they’re best when they’re unexpected. Which is to say, whenever you feel like appreciating someone you work (or don’t) with. How about right now?

By o.c. tanner
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Jason Andersen

Feels so good! Give appreciation freely and watch how people respond.

March 3, 2017   |   Reply
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