appreciation digest: effective leadership: the key to high employee engagement

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Is there a difference between leadership and management? What are the characteristics of an inspiring leader? How does quality leadership lead to high employee engagement?

This week’s appreciation digest gets to the core of leadership, delving into the characteristics of an effective leader and helping you understand how strong leadership can lead to high performance and high employee engagement.

Get the full stories below.

  1. Shifting from Manager to Leader – Learn the differences between management and leadership. Discover three ways you can shift from being a task-oriented manager to becoming an inspiring leader. Read More

  1. How to Be an Inspiring Leader – Learn how to be a truly inspired leader by behaving differently, developing inspired attributes, and honing key strengths that match how your organization creates value. Read More

  1. 4 Things You Should Know About Leadership – Learn how concern for people may actually be a negative trait, the impact of a female leader, and the importance of self-awareness. Read More

  1. How to Handle Your Boss’s Condescension – Learn how to effectively respond when your boss speaks to you condescendingly. Read More

  1. 12 Daily Habits of Exceptional Leaders – Learn the habits of exceptional leaders including effective communication, passion, self-awareness, authenticity, and more. Read More

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