appreciation digest: how management can appreciate employees on a consistent level

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How often are you recognized at work? Whether you’re a CEO or newly hired employee, it’s important that appreciation is implemented into your workplace culture. It not only impacts engagement, but keeps your top talent from finding jobs elsewhere.

This week’s appreciation digest looks into specific ways managers can implement appreciation into office culture, recognition tactics to avoid, and signs of an unproductive employee and how to re-motivate them.

Get the full stories below.

1. 10 Free Ways to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day Every Day – From listening to ideas to taking responsibility for your own mistakes, there are numerous ways managers can better appreciate their employees daily. Read More

2. 8 Common Ways Companies Screw Up Employee Recognition – Organizations need to focus on recognition initiatives that give more feedback and make recognition more personable. Read More

3. Why Is a Lack of Employee Recognition Becoming a Management Epidemic? – It’s important that management portrays a leadership style that appreciates employees as it directly impacts their productivity. Read More

4. Why Milestones Are Important When It Comes to Employee Recognition – Employers need to regularly recognize their employee’s accomplishments and milestones in order to bring purpose and meaning to a job. Read More

5. Why Frontline Workers are Disengaged – The latest research from McKinsey’s OHI database shows that “top managers in organizations are more positive than frontline workers about the ability of their organizations to perform over the long term.” Read More

6. Why the Annual Review Process Damages Employee Engagement – Dominique Jones, Chief People Officer of Halogen shares better practices to implement into performance reviews and what managers can do to help the employees better develop their career. Read More

7. 7 Common Characteristics of Unproductive Employees – It’s important for management to pinpoint unproductive employee’s actions and work on re-motivating and engaging them. Read More

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