[appreciation digest] keeping employee engagement high, especially in millennials

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From Millennials to more seasoned professionals, everyone wants to feel engaged at work. While Millennials are different from the older generation of working professionals in many ways, when it comes to goals and desires, they have more in common than we often realize. This week’s appreciation digest takes a look at what employees, and particularly Millennials, need in order to stay productive and motivated at work.

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  1. The Top Four Things Millennials want from the Workplace

Shiftcommission.work – Connecting the workplace to your organizational mission, investing in the individual, diversifying group work spaces, and empowering the whole community will help organizations retain Millennials and keep them engaged. Read More

  1. Millennial Employees: Are They That Different?

Huffingtonpost.com – Millennials want a lot of the same things as other generations, but they go about fulfilling those wants in a different way. Read More

  1. New Survey: Three Main Reasons Why Millennials Quit Their Jobs

Forbes.com – If Millennials don’t find meaning in their work, don’t see opportunities to learn and grow, and don’t have approachable managers, they’re more likely to quit their jobs. Read More

  1. Do you know the purpose behind your work?

Theglobeandmail.com – Awareness, accountability, and action are critical to defining your own purpose and value. Read More

  1. The Real Purpose Of Corporate Purpose

Forbes.com – Now more than ever, a company’s purpose has the power to engage and inspire employees, generate customer loyalty, and help businesses chart a course for sustainable, meaningful growth. Read More

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