appreciation digest: keys to attracting and retaining top talent

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In order to be successful as a company, it’s critical that you keep your smartest and most talented people around. Retaining top talent leads to higher productivity and employee engagement, accelerated innovation, and improved profits.

This week’s appreciation digest looks into the ever present struggle to keep top talent at your organization, and helps you see how focusing on things like employee engagement and appreciation can help you attract and retain the best and brightest.

Get the full stories below.

  1. Here are the Top Reasons Why Startups Have Trouble Keeping Top Talent – Poor hiring practices, work overload, micromanagement, and poor communication make it difficult for the best people to want to stick around. Read More

  1. Three Ways To Attract Top Tech Talent (Even Outside Silicon Valley) – Overcoming hiring challenges and finding the perfect new hire is difficult. Find success by highlighting the strengths of your organization, encouraging honest communication, and not selling the farm to get the golden goose. Read More

  1. How CEOs can attract and retain top talent – CEOs who focus on decision making, adaptability, reliability, and engaging stakeholders find success in attracting and retaining top talent. Read More

  1. 4 Tips for Attracting and Retaining Top Talent for Your Workplace – Flexibility, career advancement programs, great benefits, and rewards and recognition are key to attracting and retaining top talent. Read More

  1. A Data-driven Case for Understanding the Impact of Employee Engagement on Retention – Ineffective leadership leads to disengaged employees who want to leave. See the numbers behind what focusing on employee engagement could do for your company. Read More

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