appreciation digest: today’s tips for boosting employee engagement

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Keeping employees engaged at work is critical to building and maintaining a thriving organization. The hardworking employees who make up your company are the biggest asset you have, so failure to focus on them can result in lower employee engagement levels and less productivity.

This week’s appreciation digest examines the importance of focusing on employee engagement and provides actionable tips and strategies to keep your team motivated and firing on all cylinders.


Get the full stories below.


  1. 3 Reasons Employee Engagement Is Declining — And How Managers Can Improve It – Lack of employee recognition, lack of transperency, and disconnection from peers are elements taking their toll on employee engagement. See how you can combat these common issues.  Read More


  1. 3 ways effective employee engagement can cut attrition and boost productivity – Find out how you can engage employees and grow your business. Read More


  1. Strategies for Employee Engagement in a Gig Economy – Learn how treating all of your employees like volunteers can actually boost engagement. Read More


  1. 5 Top-Level Executives Share Their Tried-and-True Strategies for Employee Engagement – Get insights on employee engagement from professionals across a broad spectrum of different industries. Read More


  1. Toys“R”Us Elevates Employee Engagement and Enhances Brand Loyalty – Learn how an app is helping retail stores with employee engagement and see how your company could benefit from a similar strategy. Read More

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