appreciation digest: why company culture should be your foundation

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Often, company culture is something companies think about as an added benefit to their overall vision. What if you saw culture as one of your key focuses? Many organizations have found that focusing on culture first is what lays the foundation for exceptional work. It’s built on more than just fun activities and ping-pong tables. It’s about creating an environment where opinions are shared and great work is expected and valued.

This week’s appreciation digest looks into the critical importance of establishing your company culture early on by offering examples of companies who have done a good job and others who have not.

Get the full stories below.

  1. How Asana Built The Best Company Culture In Tech – Learn how Asana built an incredibly strong culture by carefully designing, testing, and debugging it just like one of their products. Read More

  1. Amazon exec shares secrets of company’s culture, tries unsuccessfully to keep his talk secret – Learn the secrets that make Amazon’s company culture so strong and successful. Read More

  1. Whole Foods, REI, and Aflac CEOs Respond: What’s the Single Most Important Thing For Company Culture? – Learn how elements like trust and diversity are what build the foundation for a strong culture and company. Read More

  1. How SendGrid Leveraged Its Company Culture To Build A Built To Last Business – Emphasis on humility and hiring for cultural fit are just a few elements of building and maintaining a strong culture that largely determines lasting success. Read More

  1. Uber Bare: Four Steps To Avoiding A Corporate Culture Disaster – See how Uber has suffered dearly for not prioritizing building an ethical culture from the start. Read More

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