appreciation index 2013 [infographic]

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Appreciation Index 2013 from the O.C. Tanner Institute

At O.C. Tanner we help companies appreciate people who do great work. Looking at our client base, here’s appreciation by the numbers for 2013:

7,444,422 is the total number of recognition moments clients experienced in 2013. This equates to almost the entire population of Switzerland.

In 2013, we shipped 662,000 presentation pieces–which equals 8,106,422 ways to appreciate great work.

Our top three awards in 2013 were headphones (10,334), luggage (7,036), and coffee goods (3,092). (Numbers are in units shipped per month.)

What did recognition deliver for our clients in 2013?

90% feel highly motivated to contribute to the success of their organization.

93% support the values of their organization.

83% are inspired to do great work.

85% have a strong desire to stay at their organization.

80% feel a strong sense of pride in their organization.

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