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In this session of the Great Work Insights Podcast, Todd Nordstrom speaks with Jeff Birk, O.C Tanner’s Manager of Speaking and Training. Birk travels around the globe as a trainer, speaker and trade show presenter to inspire clients to deliver great work.

You will learn:
4:01 – The importance of being informed, inspired and wanting to improve when it comes to company recognition and appreciation.
6:37 – You want action. You don’t want them to understand it, but have a deep understanding not just in their mind, but in their heart.
7:27 – Story about an audience member really feeling the message of recognition and emotional impact.
9:34 – When recognition changes from “nice” to “necessary,” it can make a huge impact on company culture.
10:43 – How Birk brings the significance of recognition into his presentations.
12:05 – Usually when we’re personally affected by something, until that happens, we’re not going to change.
12:28 – How do we get people to know the power that they have with recognition?
14:50 – We need to move from looking at recognition as a task or to-do item and instead, do it because we value it.
15:47 – Recognition is not time consuming.
16:40 – The importance of taking 10 minutes of your work week to recognize the great work being produced.
18:08 – How Birk experienced meaningful recognition from Jay Leno.
20:00 – Best recognition doesn’t involve gifts.
20:53 – Tips for writing a meaningful thank-you card.

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