how to strengthen manager-employee relationships

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If you Google “how to be a good manager” you’ll find 220,000 books dedicated to the subject. Yet even with all that reading material, most managers still struggle with how to connect with their people and strengthen relationships with their direct reports. Managers are given tools, trainings, seminars, and yes—lots of books, to figure this out. Part of the answer may lie in how they value their employees’ performance.

Research from the Cicero Group, shows that employees who receive strong recognition from their managers are significantly more likely to have a strong relationship with them.

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Those who receive recognition more than once a month are also more likely to have a strong relationship with their managers. In fact, ongoing recognition for performance is more impactful on building a good manager/employee relationship than a 5% salary bonus. Why? Ongoing recognition gives employees insight into where they stand with their managers, what they’ve done well, and if they’re making a difference at work.

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If you want to develop good managers (or be one!), remember to appreciate your people. A small thank you can make all the difference.

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