infographic: 5 low-cost last-minute ways to celebrate employee appreciation day

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Employee Appreciation Day is right around the corner and you have nothing planned. No sweat. We have your back. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 low-cost last-minute ways to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day in style. After all, it’s great to have a dedicated day to make your employees, teams, and coworkers feel valued and respected.

  1. Show you care about work/life balance

Let your employees go home an hour early with pay. This may not be the cheapest option but it is definitively an impactful last minute way to show your appreciation and respect. It is a simple solution that never fails.

  1. A genuine note

Never underestimate the power of telling someone how awesome they are. Give each employee a hand-written genuine note of thanks. Call out their individual skills, talents, personality, and uniqueness that makes them an asset to not only the team, but the entire company.

  1. Make their morning with breakfast

Showing appreciation doesn’t have to be a day-long parade with a firework finale. Showing that you went out of your way to bring in fresh Starbucks® coffee and freshly made doughnuts can put a smile on their face for the rest of the month. Try to remember their favorite flavor, give a sincere thank you, and watch them walk away with an extra bounce in their step.

  1. Gift card

The key to giving a good gift card is to make it personal. You know your employees. You know where they like to eat, you know where they like to shop, you know if they use Apple or Android. Use these tidbits of information to buy individual gift cards that will spotlight your employee’s interest. With a little effort, the usually impersonal gift card can become a surprisingly personal gift.

  1. A gift that keeps on giving

Get a new office coffee maker, fill the fridge with refreshing beverages, or upgrade the snacks that have been giving in to the stale side. Showing appreciation doesn’t need to be a grand gesture, but a sincere gesture. Show them you care by giving them a gift that will keep on giving after Employee Appreciation Day.

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