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79% of people who leave their jobs report a “lack of appreciation” as the reason they left. It is time organizations and leaders started recognizing their employees. Appreciate, the latest book from the O.C. Tanner Institute, is full of ways you can recognize your entire work force. Until you run and get your hands on a copy, we’ve collected a few key takeaways so that you can start now.



Encourage Effort: Appreciation should be shown for actions that align with your company’s goals and goes above and beyond what is asked.

81% of employees who said they “always” give recognition are engaged.


Get out of your office, get curious, and listen.

Keep recognition frequent and top of mind.

Recognize when someone takes a risk or thinks outside of the box


Reward Results: Reward and recognize people who produce a positive and measurable impact on a team or organization.


Reward all victories, large and small.

Give meaningful symbols of accomplishment.

Be specific, genuine, and personal. Tie it back to what matters most.


Celebrate Careers:  Create a celebration that represents a person’s effort, commitment, contribution, accomplishments, and connection to the company.

Employees plan to stay 4 years longer at companies with “excellent” years of service programs


Value a person and their personal contributions.

Make a plan, make it meaningful, make it fun!

Celebrate each key milestone.


Purchase your own copy of APPRECIATE here to start creating a culture of appreciation in your organization.

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