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My Favorite Recognition Moment-12

Derek’s favorite part of receiving recognition is being able to share it with his family. That’s why receiving the President’s Award at work, and being able to share the experience with his wife and daughter, meant the world to him.

“About three weeks ago, I received the President’s Award, which was really awesome. They invited my wife and my daughter to come, which was pretty cool. The executive that I report up to was there, and the CEO was as well. There was also a woman on the phone whom I’d been working with for months to make sure all our processes were running smoothly through a big project. So she was on the call and she read off why she had nominated me.

I was in front of the whole executive team, standing there with my wife and my one-year-old child, and it felt really really amazing. I do a lot of work from home, I do a lot of work here, so to be able to share that with my wife, too, for her to see how well I’m appreciated, it felt good. And that the sacrifices that she makes to allow me to work are appreciated–I think she was able to connect that. I’ve received a lot of points in the past, but to actually have my wife hear that was really special. They also presented me with the symbolic award, which was really kind of cool, cause it’s something tangible. Points are awesome. I can purchase a gift card for a hotel, so my wife and I can enjoy a weekend away or something. But that award I get to have on my desk as a constant reminder that my work was appreciated. And that feels really cool.”

Derek’s award presentation included all the best things recognition can deliver: a personalized thank-you, a symbolic award, and a meaningful presentation. But to him, it stood out because his family got to be a part of it as well. Read more favorite recognition moments here.

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