my favorite recognition moment: my great work didn’t go unnoticed

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My Favorite Recognition Moment-13

Aimee received not one, but two awards at her favorite recognition moment. Being recognized by both the recipients of her work and her manager assured her that her work had made a difference. Aimee loved that her above and beyond contributions were valued by everyone involved. As she explains,

“I think probably my greatest moment of appreciation came out of the January sales meetings. I received not one, but two big appreciation awards, a Silver and a Gold award. And it made me feel like all those hours of blood, sweat, and tears, all those late nights, all the weekends I put in, and the 14, 15 hour days during the actual week of the event, that all of that didn’t go unnoticed. And the higher-ups on the sales team, who I don’t have that much contact with day-to-day, I felt really touched that they took time to appreciate me. I’m not necessarily a person on their radar on a daily basis, but with an event like this they noticed what I was doing and that felt really good.

And then my immediate director also appreciated me because he’s much closer to me on a daily basis, and he appreciated me for all the work he saw what I was doing for the event. And it kind of made everything feel that much more worth it. I would say recognition makes me feel validated. It definitely makes me feel appreciated. And it makes me feel needed, because it shows what I did for a particular project or event was noticed and it was good enough to warrant recognition.”

Recognition is incredibly powerful when it’s relevant and presented well. Take a look at our monthly appreciation calendar to get some awesome appreciation ideas, and then share your own favorite recognition moment with us below.

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