my favorite recognition moment: the yellow tie

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My Favorite Recognition Moment-16

Jarond was floored when the CEO of his company not only attended his five year anniversary celebration, but also brought him a personalized gift. To know that the CEO valued Jarond’s unique contributions to the team, and wanted to celebrate his great work, made all the difference. That’s why Jarond’s five year anniversary is his favorite appreciation moment to date.

“When I first started with the company, one day I passed the CEO in the hall, and he was wearing a suit and a yellow tie. And I complimented him on the yellow tie. Without flinching, he took the yellow tie off and he said, ‘Here, you can just have it.’ And I thought he was kidding, but I said, ‘Oh cool, thanks!’ and I took it and I walked away, and I kept the tie.

So, fast forward to my five year anniversary. The CEO showed up to my five year service anniversary with a gift bag and he had another yellow tie in it. And that was just kind of a wink, kind of a nod. And he talked to me later that day and said ‘Hey, you’re extremely valuable to this company and we’re really lucky to have you.’ And that coming from the top down, it’s awesome. I could go on for days about the cool recognition our leaders have given me. Just genuine respect and at-work recognition. It’s been fantastic.”

It’s amazing how interactions with upper-level management can make appreciation even more impactful. Share your favorite appreciation moment below, and then take a moment to review the ABC’s of appreciation to make your next recognition moment shine.

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Lisa Nix

I also had an amazing experience with this same CEO.
I had the honor of being recognized at an annual banquet for a winning “sales year”. To make this accomplishment more special, our organization flew my spouse to our corporate location, to attend the “Award Celebration”. Not only were we seated at the head table with the CEO, my husband asked him if he could take a few pictures of us. This willing CEO obliged and said, “Absolutely”. I’m thrilled to have the lasting memories and the impactful thing is – getting to retell the story when someone asks about the photos. Thanks to this special CEO, who stepped up as our personal photographer – he definitely made my recognition moment lasting and very memorable.

September 4, 2015   |   Reply
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