my favorite recognition moment: your hard work is great work

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When Jordan first started at his current position, he was quickly asked to pick up a large, urgent project. Even though he hadn’t anticipated this new responsibility, and the workload was more than he expected, he took the time to help out a sales rep who needed a survey sent out in record time. And when Jordan delivered on quality fast, and performed some great work that made a difference, it led to his favorite appreciation moment to date.

“My favorite appreciation moment was one of my first appreciation moments. When I first started, my manager was out on maternity leave, so it was just me and one other teammate. And one day, this sales rep frantically emailed me, and asked, ‘Hey, is this survey going out?’ and I was like, it’s literally my third week here, I have no idea what you’re talking about. So I come up to speed, I find their old files, and I figure it all out. It needed to be done really fast because it had kind of fallen through the cracks. It took a lot of effort on my part, and time. I stayed late—I wasn’t staying all night or anything—but I was definitely putting in more effort than on a normal everyday project, especially having just started.

So it was my second time ever being appreciated. They called a meeting together, and the sales rep I’d worked with and helped out was on the phone. She said, ‘I have some recognition for Jordan,’ and I was like, ‘What?’ And it was one of those shocking moments for me, but what she said really resonated with me. She just said, ‘The work you did might have seemed ordinary and everyday for you, but it was outstanding and great work for me.’ To have somebody else say that what I classified as hard work and normal, was great work, that had a great impact on me. It really had a large effect on me. And it was just very memorable because of that.”

That simple phone call, and being recognized for going above and beyond, remains one of Jordan’s favorite appreciation moments to date. That’s because he was recognized for making a contribution that made a difference in a personalized, meaningful way. Read up on the best practices of recognition to start appreciating in a way that will resonate with your people.

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