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As the leader in employee recognition, you can imagine a day like National Employee Appreciation Day feels a little like your best friend’s birthday. At O.C. Tanner we thrive on helping companies worldwide appreciate, engage and align employees by recognizing great work. And, as you might imagine, we also do an above-average job at recognizing the accomplishments of our own people. So if appreciation is a way of life, what do you do for a national day dedicated to appreciating employees? Loud music? Fanfare? Not this year. When we’re serious about employees feeling deeply appreciated, we get personal.

Today, every O.C. Tanner employee will receive a hand-written note of appreciation from their immediate leader. Not just an all-employee email from the CEO thanking them for their innovation, creativity and hard work (although they’ll get that, too). Not just a free lunch served by senior leadership (although they’ll get that, too). But a personal note expressing specific appreciation from the person in their work life who matters most – their leader. Why? Because at the end of the day it’s not an employee’s relationship with HR or senior leadership that matters, it’s the manager-employee relationship that becomes the lens through which employees view not only the organization, but their ability to align to purpose and contribute with their whole hearts.

And just like most good things in life, sharing your appreciation will do wonders for you, too. Showing appreciation and gratitude is directly linked to increasing overall personal wellbeing. Every time you say a simple “thank you,” your brain is flooded with positive chemicals – it’s a natural shield against negative emotions.

So join in on the celebration. It’s not too late. Explore O.C. Tanner’s free ethanks options, and then follow up with a phone call or face-to-face conversation to really put some icing on the Employee Appreciation Day cake. Today is a great day to make your employees, teams and coworkers feel valued and respected.

How will you celebrate?

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