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We all feel great when we receive appreciation from someone. Whether it’s a gift, a note, a lunch, or even a simple “thank you”, being recognized makes us feel valued, gives us a purpose in our work, and helps inspire us to do more.

But what is the impact of appreciation on the person who gave the recognition? We know that donating to charity or helping others gives us a sense of fulfillment. Is the same true for giving recognition in the workplace?

Recent research from the O.C. Tanner Institute shows that recognition has an impact not only on the recipient, but also on the giver and even employees who observe the recognition. When employees give and see recognition happening throughout the organization, they feel an increased sense of engagement, camaraderie, and purpose.

Employees who regularly give appreciation at their workplace are:

  • 43% more likely to agree there is an opportunity to grow and develop skills at their organization
  • 41% more positive about leadership at the organization
  • 34% more likely to feel they are empowered to do great work
  • 32% more engaged
  • 30% higher sense of wellbeing
  • 27% more likely to feel a sense of purpose at the organization
  • 22% more likely to stay

Employee recognition can help build your workplace culture. It can inspire and influence greatness in your people, whether they are the recipient, giver, or observer of an act of appreciation. So, encourage your employees to recognize their teams and each other. Successful companies that have seen returns in their recognition investment:

  • Have senior leaders supporting and modeling recognition at the organization
  • Incorporate recognition into their entire culture strategy, rather than as a stand-alone HR program
  • Make it easy and encourage their leaders to show appreciation every day
  • Have tools easily available and accessible for people to say thanks, including for offline and remote employees
  • Recognize holistically – by encouraging effort, rewarding results, and celebrating an employee’s entire career.

Building a great company culture begins with small acts of appreciation that turn into big moments of inspiration, both for the recipient and the giver.

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