the nuts & bolts of designing an employee recognition solution

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Great things happen when employees work towards something bigger than themselves. It’s why “culture” is now more important than ever.

There are six talent magnets that go into creating a culture of great work: Purpose, Opportunity, Success, Wellbeing, Recognition and Leadership. Research by O.C. Tanner suggests that recognition can impact each of these talent magnets. Using recognition, you can change how your employees perceive their leaders, you can make them feel connected to the purpose and it can also make a big impact on innovation and accelerate the rate at which great work is done.

The question is “how”?

O.C. Tanner’s Ericka Crocker and Karan Bhasin joined us this month for a best practice sharing session on what it takes to leverage recognition to create experiences for employees that deepen the connection to your organization.

Karan started by discussing the benefits of recognition. Research has proved employees that receive recognition for a job well done are more engaged, more innovative, have more trust in leadership, and have higher levels of work productivity.

Ericka shared insights and best practices on how can we design a recognition solution that is effective? She covered three aspects of designing a recognition solution:

  1. Set the Foundation (Answer Why)
  2. Designing the structure (Answer When? What? How?)
  3. Nurture Results (Answer Who? When? How much?)

Recognition is the communication of your feeling of appreciation. The words or actions you choose to share your appreciation. Best practices include: Making recognition frequent, timely, inclusive, performance based, specific, personal, and make it sincere. Because appreciated people love making a difference. Your words have tremendous impact. So make them beautiful.

Now it’s your turn to influence greatness in other people. Listen to the full webinar recording to find out how, when, and where you can start impacting people the most on their journey to greatness.

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