the recognition myth: it’s the manager’s job

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Imagine a little league baseball game. Every time a player runs a base, catches the ball, or (once in a blue moon) hits a homerun, his whole team cheers. It’s not just the coach who gives each player a pat on the back. The kids recognize each other too, cheering, clapping, and high-fiving to celebrate their small wins and big victories throughout the game.

Is that what your work environment looks like?

There’s a myth surrounding recognition: that it’s the manager’s job. But think back to being part of a team as a kid, and remember how amazing it felt to be celebrated by your teammates. That feeling holds true in the workplace, too. There is nothing like peer recognition to make you feel like an integral and appreciated team member. And there’s no better way to recognize a job well done than to deliver heartfelt appreciation to the people who go to bat with you every day. You witness their struggles and successes, help them bring home the gold, and breathe a sigh of relief when they take one for the team. Who better than YOU to appreciate their great work?

So start today! Appreciate your teammates’ great work and keep in mind:

1. It’s the little things.

A funny eCard. Stopping by to say thanks. A handwritten note. Don’t underestimate the power of a simple kudos. It doesn’t take much to recognize the great work of your teammates. Appreciating a job well done doesn’t need to take a lot of time or effort, and by choosing a recognition vehicle appropriate for the occasion, you can deliver thanks in style.

2. Be specific and personal.

Deliver meaningful recognition by focusing on the great work accomplishment and the awesome teammate who delivered it. Begin by relating what happened. Take the time to tell the story of the success. Make sure to relate how it made your day or saved the project. And then, make your kudos even more personal by presenting it in a way your coworker will love. Whether it’s in front of the team at your meeting, with a simple pat on the back, or written in a card dropped off at their desk, say “thank you” in the way your teammate prefers to show you sincerely appreciate what they bring to the table.

3. Lead the way.

Recognition is best when it’s timely and frequent. When you see something awesome happening—something that deserves appreciation—stop and take a few minutes to say thank you immediately. Appreciation catches on. When you set the tone of recognizing great work, it’ll become part of your team culture. Others will follow. And your team will be happier, more motivated, and work better together. Appreciation changes everything.

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