top 10 ways your employees want to be recognized [infographic]

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Employee recognition is a vital aspect of employee engagement and a key component of an inspirational company culture. Successful employee recognition leads to better employee engagement, gives value to jobs, increases employee retention, and drives great work.

In fact, results from a global survey show that the single strongest factor to motivate employees (three times more powerful than any other factor) is to regularly recognize their great work.

So what types of recognition do your employees want?

  1. Peer Recognition

Besides being recognized by upper management, employees want to be appreciated from their fellow co-workers. A workplace culture built on peers recognizing and nominating each other for their efforts can help build strong positive work relationships.

  1. Team Appreciation

People rarely pull off a feat of greatness on their own. Usually, the team pitches in, goes above and beyond, and helps deliver innovation and success. So celebrate the whole team next time they pull off a big win with a great brunch or lunch date.

  1. Trips

Top performers should be rewarded with top recognition. Spa getaways and family weekend trips have become an increasingly common way to recognize and appreciate a star’s great work.

  1. Social Badges

Great employee recognition programs are sometimes surprisingly simple. Celebrate employee achievements through social tools, like eCards and eButtons, to spread enthusiasm for great work and build a culture of trust.

  1. Wall of Recognition

Recognition spreads like wildfire when it’s displayed and admired. Create a wall of recognition where employees can display their appreciation to coworkers—which, in turn, will motivate even more future appreciation moments.

  1. Gift List

Giving personalized awards from an employee’s gift wish list is a great way to get employees exactly what they want. And it’s an even better way to show that you care about what motivates and inspires the individual you’re celebrating.

  1. On the Spot

Employees want recognition that is timely, specific, and measured to really feel appreciated. Instant feedback for a job well done can give employees that extra boost of confidence. So the next time you witness an impressive feat, stop and give an impromptu thank you or pat on the back. Your sincerity and timeliness will be appreciated.

  1. Appreciation Events

Holiday parties, cookouts, social outings, game night and other gatherings are key ways to communicate employee appreciation. Plan celebrations throughout the calendar year to keep the appreciation coming.

  1. Time Off

After completing a stressful presentation, project, or an overall stressful work month, give employees a breather for a job well done. It shows how much you appreciate their hard work, which is what employees want at the end of the day.

  1. Career Celebrations

Employees want to be recognized for their loyalty and hard work within an organization—so much so, that employees stay an average of two years longer at companies that have service award programs. So celebrate anniversaries at fun events like company meetings or parties.

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