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Look around. Appreciation is everywhere. It’s a cornerstone of every culture on Earth since the beginning of time.

Ceremonies celebrate achievements of people in nearly every category or endeavor, education, and athletics. And yet, we still don’t see enough appreciation in the one place where it is needed most, at work. Todd Nordstrom, Co-Author of the brand new book Appreciate, joined us for this month’s webinar to share insights from one of the largest workplace studies on appreciation and recognition.

In the process of writing Appreciate, Todd and his colleagues spoke to thousands of people, in different areas of the country, from different walks of life, and asked them to share moments that they were appreciated. From their younger years to adulthood, every single person was able to relay those memories and connect it to who they are and what they do today. The interesting part was, though all stories were different, it caused each of them to want to do more. To achieve greatness.

Todd went on to share that when these same people were asked what their bosses or leaders can do to inspire them to great great work, 37% of them said, ‘recognize me.’ The research showed that people want to make a difference others love and appreciate. However, these values will never stick unless you add in recognition.

Recognition is the communication of your feeling of appreciation. The words or actions you choose to share your appreciation. Best practices include: Making recognition frequent, timely, inclusive, performance based, specific, personal, and make it sincere. Because appreciated people love making a difference. Your words have tremendous impact. So make them beautiful.

Now it’s your turn to influence greatness in other people. Listen to the full webinar recording to find out how, when, and where you can start impacting people the most on their journey to greatness.

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