weekly appreciation: dream team

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Charles Batcheldor was a machinist. John Kruesi was a clockmaker. Ludwig Boehm was a glassblower. Francis Upton was a mathematician. Together, they shared a vision with an inventor: Thomas Edison. Together they created the light bulb.

Stories of great teams inspire us all to find those puzzle-piece people in our own lives that inspire us to reach farther, deeper, and give our best and to contribute to the making of a stellar product. It is when those people share their strengths and talents that goals are extended–reaching sometimes beyond our imagination. And, as in Edison’s case, they can change the world as we know it.

A single goal is powerful. A combined goal changes the parameters of what can be accomplished.

Today, set aside some time to connect with your team and share your goals. Discover new ways to leverage strengths, relationships, and networks.

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