what type of recognition giver are you?

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When it comes to employee recognition, what’s your giving style? Are you a once-a-year celebrator? A drive-by, thank-you note type? You may know how important employee recognition is to boosting workplace culture, but not all giving practices are the same.

Take our quiz to find out what type of recognition giver you are, and where you can improve.

How often should employee recognition be given?

  • a

    As many times as Leonardo DiCaprio has won an Oscar (uh, once).

  • b

    As often as you want, but it lasts as long as a celebrity marriage.

  • c

    As often as reality TV couples break up.

  • d

    What’s recognition?

  • e

    Every TBT (throw back Thursday).

What do you typically recognize people for?

  • a

    When Google says it’s Employee Appreciation Day.

  • b

    Whenever I want to say thanks without all the fuss.

  • c

    When someone saves my bacon.

  • d

    Only for big accomplishments, like breaking into Area 51.

  • e

    Anytime a coworker helps me out or achieves results, a la, Fezzik (Or Snape. Or Chewbacca.).

What is your preferred method of recognition

  • a


  • b


  • c

    Small notes

  • d

    A verbal thank you

  • e

    A mix of treats, notes, and formal awards

How would you want to be recognized?

  • a

    Formal lunch.

  • b

    A sweet, heartfelt note.

  • c

    Bring me my favorite treat.

  • d

    In my paycheck.

  • e

    A note, in-person acknowledgement, and a fun award.

Who would you like to learn recognition best practices from?

  • Mark Cuban

    Mark Cuban

  • Lori Geriner

    Lori Geriner

  • Robert Herjavec

    Robert Herjavec

  • Mr. Wonderful, Kevin O’Leary

    Mr. Wonderful, Kevin O’Leary

  • Daymond John

    Daymond John


“Not a believer” giver

They get paid, isn’t that enough? Well, no. Everyone wants to be appreciated. A simple thank you, a quick congrats, just noticing someone’s hard work can go a long way to motivating and engaging them to do more.

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Marla Nichols

Terrible quiz. I’m not familiar with Shark Tank people. I get where you were going with this, but it’s too much. Doesn’t make sense at all. It definitely doesn’t mimic my giving style.

October 16, 2017   |   Reply
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