with recognition, it’s not the thought that counts

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You’d never go to a friend’s birthday and present them with a blank card that you haven’t signed, or re-gift a Christmas present still wrapped in old paper (with the tags attached!). You know better than to forget your yearly Mother’s Day phone call, and you’d be mortified if you neglected to write thank-you notes after your wedding reception.

All the special moments in life have etiquette about thanking and appreciating. Recognition is no different. Here are some tried-and-true tips on how to deliver personalized, purposeful, and powerful recognition. Use these pointers to make sure your recognition communicates your appreciation loud and clear.

Be articulate. When you’re thanking someone for a job well done, remember to specify what they accomplished, why it mattered, and how it made a difference.

Be timely. The sooner after the accomplishment you deliver your recognition, the better. Your timeliness shows the recipient’s great work mattered—and that you couldn’t wait to express your gratitude.

Personalize. Think about what the recipient of the recognition would enjoy. Do they proudly post handwritten cards? Do they love group gatherings? Would they prefer a one-on-one chat? Take the recipient’s preferences into account to craft the perfect presentation.

Plan it out. For the next big appreciation occasion, don’t throw your presentation together on the fly. Instead, ask others to prepare short thank-you speeches, put it on the calendar, and bring some snacks to pass around. Take time to plan the details. It shows you care.

Keep these simple tips in mind the next time you’re appreciating a coworker’s great work. And now that you’re versed in the basics, step up your recognition game. Check out these Appreciation Best Practices and incorporate them into your thanks, as well.

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