6 best practices for celebrating careers [infographic]

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6 best practices for celebrating careers

Research proves celebrating a person’s service anniversary or career achievement is strongly correlated to increased tenure. These best practices will help you create impactful recognition celebrations.

When employees are celebrated for their career achievement:

80% are inspired to do great work
83% feel a strong sense of pride in the organization
85% have a strong desire to stay at the organization
Follow these 6 tips to ensure each career celebration supports your culture.

  1. Equip managers and leaders with the right tools and training.
  2. Give awards with a personalized presentation.
  3. Plan a celebration appropriate for the number of years.
  4. Invite other people to speak.
  5. Prepare your remarks.
  6. Extend the appreciation experience.

Through regular award presentations, employees will feel your organization cares about their wellbeing. They’ll see better how they fit in and belong. They’ll see how their contributions matter. In the end, you’ll build and reinforce a culture of inspiration, appreciation, and great work.

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