6 best practices for impactful career celebrations

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Our recent HRCI certified webinar, the 6 Best Practices for Impactful Career Celebrations, featured O.C. Tanner experts Juliana Groscost, Product Manager of Career Achievement and James Hilton, Director of Product Development. During the event, this knowledgeable pair focused on how strategic career celebrations make a difference to an individual in your organization and what happens when it’s done effectively. Below are highlights from this webinar. You can also listen to the free recording.

Career milestones have a particular meaning and significance to an employee. So a strategic celebration is an important and significant way to make employees feel valued. When you celebrate an employee’s career, you are recognizing the great work and unique contributions an employee puts forth during their years at an organization. This is the perfect occasion to appreciate an individual’s importance, increase their commitment to your organization, and reveal employee talents. These celebrations also offer leaders a chance to show employees that their organization cares about them as an individual.

Research proves celebrating a person’s service anniversary or career achievement is strongly correlated with increased employee satisfaction and tenure. When employees are celebrated in the right way for their career achievement, the average tenure increases by 4 years.

If done right, celebrations can help build trust, retain talent, and strengthen loyalty. There are 3 critical components to celebrating a career well:

1. Create a unique experience. Our research shows that employees want their celebrations to be unique to them–from the presentation to the communication to the award. Their great work and impact in your organization is unique, so should their recognition.

2. Give a symbolic keepsake. Because each career stage holds special meaning, symbolic awards are packed with significance. These items allow an employee to reflect on their past contributions and make significant impact. Inevitably, when a great impact occurs, great work follows.

3. Present a relevant award. Along with a symbolic keepsake or career emblem, the employee should also receive a tangible award of their choice, appropriate to their years of service that will always remind them of this significant moment and what they felt.

O.C. Tanner’s new Yearbook can extend the experience to create a lasting impression, both on the recipient and on others who interact with the recipient.

To learn more, including inspiration and ideas for creating impactful career celebrations, listen to our free HRCI-certified webinar recording. 

Are you ready to create a unique and personalized career celebration? We can help.

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Donna Quintard

Thank you.

March 24, 2015   |   Reply
bobette hetts

Copy of the power point presentation from the webinar session on March 19th

April 7, 2015   |   Reply
O.C. Tanner

Hi Bobette – We don’t provide copies of the power point presentation but you can listen to the free recording here.

April 8, 2015   |   Reply
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