who would you trust more? [infographic]

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provided by: octanner.com

Who would you trust more, a stranger or your boss? The answer may surprise you. 60 percent of respondents to a Harvard Business Review survey said they would trust a stranger more than their boss. Pathetic as that appears, most of us can think of boss like that sometime in our careers. And if you think harder, a sobering realization may hit you: You could be that boss.

Let’s look at one boss named Nancy.

Her problem: managing multiple teams and projects. Nancy doesn’t take the time to actively appreciate the efforts of her team members.

Her solution: recognition training so it’s top of mind. More communication of appreciation will build greater trust-based relationships with her team members.

Why does building trust matter? Research from Towers Watson shows engagement levels in companies with appreciation where trust is weak are 63 percent but when trust is strong, engagement soars to 91 percent.

Take time to use recognition and appreciation to build trust in your culture. The results speak for themselves.

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