5 essentials to build your employee brand

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Our recent HRCI certified webinar featured Sandra Christensen, O.C. Tanner’s Vice President of Award Design and Development, and Kelly Olsen, O.C. Tanner’s Director of Creative Strategy. During the event, the pair focused on best practices surrounding what it takes to leverage recognition with the intent of creating experiences for employees that deepen the connection to your organization. Below are highlights from this webinar. You can also listen to the free recording.

Great things happen when employees work towards something bigger than themselves. It’s why culture and a focus on building up your employee brand is now more important than ever. It’s also why symbolism and symbolic awards are on the rise. People are seeking connection and meaning in the workplace. And they’re seeking visual reminders and experiences that reinforce this pride they feel.

All too often, companies invest countless resources into crafting a brand that resonates with the buying public yet neglects to nurture the internal culture that serves to drive and propagate that brand. When engagement from within is overlooked, a company brand can come across as one-dimensional and disingenuous. If this happens, companies can suffer from high-turnover and a fragmented workforce. On the other hand, companies that take time to nurture their internal culture and incorporate recognition into their mission will breed brand champions with a deeper vested interest in the company’s success and longevity. Some of the most successful brands out there have taken the time to create an employee brand first and foremost.


Fostering an employee brand creates an experience and culture that:

  • Connects employees to the organization on an emotional level
  • Helps employees know what is most important
  • Drives employees to be engaged so they will deliver great work


The 5 essentials to consider when building your employee brand include:

  1. Do your homework
  2. Define your creative approach
  3. Craft your voice, look , and feel
  4. Find opportunities to celebrate
  5. Keep it fresh and top of mind

To learn more, including tips on bringing your internal brand to life with art, messages, stories, and awards, listen to our free HRCI certified webinar recording.

Are you ready to build your employee brand and create a culture of great work? We can help.

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