8 brilliant quotes from workplace culture innovators

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From the stage at Influence Greatness 2017.

A short time ago, we came down from the mountains forever changed by our latest user conference, Influence Greatness 2017. In the weeks that have passed, the inspiration hasn’t worn off. Here’s just a tiny sampling of the enduring wisdom shared from our stage at 8100 feet.


  1. If you make the place you work a great place to be from, then you will have accomplished something amazing.” – Patty McCord, Former Chief Talent Officer, Netflix
  1. “Innovation is changing before you are forced to. The more often and quicker you change, the more it becomes your competitive advantage.” – Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, Pilot, Author, Speaker, Consultant


  1. Innovation is not about the lone genius. Ask yourself, ‘Do I lead followers who execute or communities that innovate?’” – Linda A. Hill, Ph.D, Professor of Business Administration, Dept. Chair, Harvard University


  1. There’s a world of potential teammates out there. The culture you create determines who you attract, so craft it carefully to hire the inspired.” – Robin Benincasa, Adventure Racing World Champion, Motivational Speaker
  1. Money can motivate people, but it takes a strong, well-defined purpose to truly inspire greatness.” – David Lapin, Author, Speaker, Consultant


  1. “You have the power to impact your team, your organization, even your industry by creating a contagious atmosphere of greatness.” – Kevin Ames, Director, Speaking, O.C. Tanner


  1. Help people achieve big things. Ask what excellence looks like and build it into the vocabulary of your organization.” – Kumar Kymal, Senior VP, Thompson Reuters


  1. Always assume your teammates wanted to do a good job. Don’t blame them, look inward and see what you can do better to help them achieve.” – Mike Abrashoff, Former Commander, USS Benfold, Author


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