ann rhoades on building a winning culture: webinar recap

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In the latest O.C. Tanner webinar, “How to Build an Authentic, Winning Culture,” author and workplace culture guru Ann Rhoades explained what a winning culture can do for your organization—and the proven steps you can take to get there.

As a dynamic and visionary corporate executive, Ann Rhoades has helped organizations from large airlines to small tech startups create unique cultures based on values and performance. She knows how to create cultures that unite people, strengthen brands, and ultimately improve an organization’s bottom line.

Even if you work for a great organization now, cultures can always get better, Ann explained. Since a great culture naturally builds performance and teamwork, it is imperative to consciously design your culture in a systematic, proven way. Don’t just let it happen. After spending time at organizations that are great to work for, Ann has realized that culture is key: the companies’ values and how people behave, not just the perks, decide the type of organization they’re destined to be, and pave the way to success.

Begin building an authentic, winning culture in your organization today with Ann’s actionable insights.

  • Decide who you’re going to be. Develop a values blueprint to define what your company and employees strive for. For example, Ann Rhoades helped Jet Blue develop the values of: safety, caring, integrity, fun, and passion. Not only do they reflect what is important to the company and its people, but these are more than aspirational words, because they’re backed by behavior. Remember, once you develop your values, build behaviors that mirror them.
  • Hire, train, and retain “A” players who mirror your values.  Rhoades explained that once values and behaviors that back them are established, it is critical to hire employees who live your values. Ask applicants questions that align with your values, and find employees throughout the organization whose behaviors consistently reflect the values. These are your “A” players. Create a culture committee of “A” players, responsible for helping roll out and living these values.
  • Build an organization around accountability and awards. In order to show that you appreciate and recognize when people live your values, you need a consistent, meaningful recognition solution. Treat employees fairly, not equally, and deliver kudos when they live your values. Highlighting great behavior incentivizes it in the future.  
  • Drive continuous discipline and improvement. Ask for feedback on your values and processes, and incorporate people’s ideas. Remember, even great cultures can always use tweaking and improvement.

Using these proven tips, you can create a winning culture that unites your employees and translates into results. In the end, you’ll experience happier employees, more loyal customers, and a better working environment. And if you still aren’t sure where to start, Ann gave one piece of advice that can resonate with leaders in any company: “Leaders drive values, and values drive behaviors.” So it’s up to you to get started.

*HRCI- and SHRM-certification credit available only to those who attended the live webinar.

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