building a “talent magnet” culture with david lapin: webinar recap

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Author and CEO of Lapin International David Lapin has coached successful companies for decades. In our December webinar, he shares his insights on how the most successful companies differentiate their products and distinguish their cultures in order to attract customers and top talent. Read on for the highlights from this insightful webinar, and then watch the full recording here.

Lapin describes the company of the future as very different from the 20th century corporation. Leading companies today, like Apple, AirBnB, and Uber don’t own manufacturing facilities, hotel chains, or cars. Instead, their biggest asset is their people, whose visionary leadership and great work propels them forward. So if their people leave, so do their assets. Essentially, employees are the fuel of the organization and its results.

So, how can you create a “talent magnet” organization and ensure your people make your organization great? How can you attract the best leaders and innovators, and inspire and empower them to make a difference for your customers? Lapin outlines the three key components that get you there.


Purpose at work is key, Lapin says, because it communicates to everyone in the office that they are making a difference. It’s foundational to the 21st century organization to answer the “why” questions that define purpose. Why are we in this business? Why do I work for this company? Why should our customers choose us?

And, Lapin says, the beauty of a purpose-centered culture is that the culture doesn’t have to be absolutely the same across all the facets of your organization. The “why” is flexible, and complex and active organizations have the capacity to embrace a multifaceted, multicultural identity.


Appreciation is also crucial, from the way it’s delivered, to its frequency, to even the behaviors it rewards. Building a culture that inspires people, and appreciating them for driving and growing towards your purpose leads to gains much larger than just raising engagement. People will want to contribute and make a difference, and that’s when your company will start becoming a talent magnet for the type of people you want and need.

And if you think your company is already doing a great job with appreciation, think again. Lapin presents research that shows while over half of managers say their companies are above average at appreciation, only 7% of employees say their companies are excellent at it. And that’s a huge gap that can be tapped. Meaningful recognition can make all the difference.


Finally, distinction and differentiation make the best companies “talent magnets.”

People want to work for distinguished leaders and distinguished companies. They want to understand that the company purpose and their individual role are crucial in the industry. Distinction occurs when you’re doing things for the world and for customers that truly make a difference. And driving your strategies—from management to growth—through your purpose, you will create a company that is uniquely distinguished.

Lapin challenges listeners to start asking the questions that will drive purpose, appreciation, and distinction, and create a “talent magnet” culture within their organizations.

Ask these questions to get started:

  • Has my company articulated the higher and somewhat unique purpose of its existence?
  • Is our culture aligned to the unique difference we make?
  • Are our leadership behaviors aligned with it?
  • Is our culture a magnet for the kind of talent we need?
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