cio to cio: creating the work culture your team deserves

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As IT leaders, our roles are complicated and challenging. We have to deliver operational excellence while leading our organizations (and not just the IT organization) into a rapidly-changing, complex and highly-ambiguous digital future. No two situations are ever the same.

This environment can be difficult, not knowing where and how to spend our time. But I’ve come to understand that there is one supreme responsibility I have as an IT leader: to build and support a great workplace culture.

As a designer of culture, however the questions of “What kind of culture is the right culture?” and “What are the attributes of a great culture?” may weigh on you. Through experience, I have learned that the answer to these questions is a culture based on trust and ownership. Over the past few years, as I have become better at trust and ownership, I have also done the best leadership work of my entire career and my teams have generated amazing results.

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