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In my hometown there’s always been one ad agency that’s cut above the rest. It’s the most lauded, respected, and successful agency in our state. As you might expect, it’s a magnet for all the best writers, designers, and marketing gurus in town.

Why? Great work is a magnet for great people.

There are many reasons to chase greatness. Organizations aim to be the best at what they do in order to differentiate their products from the competition, generate profit, and lead their industries. But it should never be forgotten that chasing greatness also makes it easier to attract, engage, and retain top talent.

At the intersection of corporate culture, greatness, and talent management, sits an oft misunderstood, and occasionally neglected corner of HR: the employee recognition solution. Today’s solutions are more sophisticated, more useful, and more essential than ever before. The right solution can help organizations dream bigger and reach higher by encouraging, appreciating, and celebrating great work.

At the heart of today’s best solutions is cloud-based software that allows rewards to be given and received via mobile devices on the go. That means eCards, nominations, approvals, the awarding of points, redemption, and more can now happen anytime, anywhere. Recognition can be posted to a social wall and receive likes, comments, and shares to broadcast greatness company-wide. And user-friendly dashboards allow admins to view data and analytics in real time to monitor team success and plan improvements.

For a look at a multinational organization where stellar recognition fuels great culture, look at The Dow Chemical Company. Their recognition solution, Accelerate Great, helps drive greatness in 180 countries.

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