greg link and cultivating career-changing trust practices [podcast]

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In this session of Great Work Insights Podcast, Todd Nordstrom speaks with Greg Link, co-founder of the FranklinCovey Global Speed of Trust Practice, a fast-growing global consultancy committed to influencing influencers to grow their careers and their organizations at the SPEED of TRUST™.

You will learn:

  • How trust impacts the metrics of an organization
  • Why trust is important in today’s business climate and how it can impact all levels of business
  • Trust in the workplace overrides rules and policy
  • High trust allows you to skip over layers of bureaucracy
  • Where to start building trust:
    • Extend “smart trust” – earned and qualified trust based on performance
    • Provide opportunities for co-workers and employees to gain your trust
  • Recognition is a critical aspect in building trust; give credit to those who earn it.
  • The power of recognition and rewards is when it is authentic, deserved and well-credited
  • You can’t mandate quality, synergy or teamwork – it must be earned
  • High-trust organizations have more control, not less
  • High-trust + authentic recognition = employee advocates
  • In the average company, for every one employee that is engaged, nine are disengaged
  • The most common 13 behaviors found in high-trust leaders
  • How Zappos grew from zero to $1 billion during the worst economic decade in history
  • How trust is not a soft principle but a “…a hard-edged economic driver—a learnable, measurable skill that makes organizations more profitable, people more promotable, and relationships more energizing.”

Links and Resources Mentioned:

  • Learn and connect with Greg Link

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