how holiday celebrations reflect your workplace culture

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What was the most meaningful holiday experience you’ve ever had at your company? Answers to this question vary from company to company and are often based on budget, line of work, or the size of an organization. But, what most leaders may be missing is that it is actually greatly determined by the culture of a company.

We gathered responses from our latest workplace survey of over 1,000 employees, in different fields, from various parts of the world, to discover the most meaningful experiences their organization/managers have given for employees during the holidays.

Focused on giving back. For companies with a mantra of giving back, charitable events or gifts is a fantastic way to show your employees you care about more than profits and helps get employees involved as well. The overall experience will create a light hearted atmosphere and bring a sense of higher purpose beyond day-to-day work.

About 250 employees surveyed said that their company or team creates baskets or gathers donations for those less fortunate, organizes charity 5k’s, or gives a portion of the year’s /funds to one charity each year.

The party company. For more manageable sized companies that focus on togetherness, parties with catered food and open bars are typically the way to go. Employees get to know each other on a more personal, relaxed level and are more comfortable celebrating like this.

275-300 employees surveyed said that their companies do a potluck, catered lunch, dinner party with an open bar, or shut down early for a company party.

Sharing in the revenue. Everyone could use a little extra cash this time of year. A good amount of companies believe in giving back to their employees the best way they know how – with money. Because bonuses, gift cards, or cash gifts are never a bad idea when it comes to the holidays.

300 employees said their company gave them Christmas bonuses, gift cards to a specific retailer, or a discount for something in a company store.

Nothing (wah, wah, wah). Perhaps you are a company that doesn’t believe in (or may not know how to) gifting or planning events for the holidays. That it won’t motivate your employees. We get it. There are certain jobs that may not have the budget or would not normally come together for celebrations.

A little over 150 employees said their company or managers didn’t celebrate the holidays or gave them anything for the season. However, there are ways to show your employees that you care that require little effort or money.

We found that about 100 employee responses said they’ve received a note or holiday card that left a meaningful impact. It’s just that simple. Telling your employees that you appreciate them throughout the year is the greatest form of recognition, and it costs near to nothing.

So before you plan next year’s holiday celebrations, try taking our Culture Quiz. Discover the type of culture your organization, teams, and employees are experiencing and see how you can improve their overall employee experience during the holidays.

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