infographic: the basics of building an engaging culture

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Face the facts.

Becoming a workplace culture that engages its employees is an uphill battle. Luckily, for every worrying statistic, there’s a way to turn it all around.

51% of the U.S. workforce is not engaged (Gallup)

Solution: How’s your continuous learning initiative going? Only 55% of employees agree that they regularly learn new, valuable things in their current role—give them more opportunities to hone their skills or learn new ones.

44% of employees feel stagnant or stuck in their current role

Solution: Beef up your internal hiring. Nearly half of employees believe their skills are underutilized in their current role—when looking for to fill positions, don’t miss the talent right under your nose.

37% of engaged employees are looking for jobs or watching for opportunities

Solution: Connect your employees to special projects that are visible across the organization— research shows that only 51% of employees are working on that type of project.

Build an engaging workplace culture at every level

Engaging workplace cultures address employee needs at every level. The top level, growth and opportunity, has the biggest impact on engagement, but don’t neglect the others. They provide the stable foundation necessary for focusing on the future (a.k.a. self-actualization).


Think employee wellbeing (healthy food, exercise, meditation)


Think trust in leadership (scales of justice, tandem bicycle?)


Think connection to purpose (cord in outlet, heart with wings?)


Think recognition (cheer megaphone, high-five/fist bump)

Self-actualization (Ladder into the clouds, butterfly and caterpillar)

Think career growth & opportunityPull don’t push

The more you try to force engagement on your employees, the less engaged they get. What today’s organizations need to do is create an attractive workplace culture employees want to engage with—a place where people are excited to go to work, find it easy to engage and do their best, and sincerely desire to stay.

Bottom line

Engaging workplace cultures aren’t created, they’re cultivated by providing a strong sense of purpose, opportunities to grow, and meaningful recognition to tie it all together. Tend to these top level employee needs and your organization becomes a beacon for new talent and a happy home for the talent you already have.

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