infographic: what employees want for christmas

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You may have the office Christmas party planned, employee gifts picked out, holiday bonus envelopes stuffed and generic cards signed by your CEO. But is this the right way to truly appreciation, inspire, and influence greatness in your people? What do employees really want for the holidays? Read their letters to Santa to find out.

Gifts greater than a gift

“Dear Santa, What I really want for Christmas is to feel like my contributions are actually valued. $100 is great, but when it’s deposited into my account after taxes with no word from my manager, it’s kind of meaningless.”  – John


“Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is a thank you from my leader. After all my hard work and long hours this year, it’s all I want. It’s free and it’s easy, and much more impactful than the generic box of chocolates he give out.” – Mary

A Purpose

“Dear Santa, I don’t know what the point of my job is. I’d love to understand what this company really stands for and how I contribute. And please, no karaoke at the party this year!” – Anna

True leadership

“Dear Santa, instead of just project assignments and performance reviews, I’d love to get some mentorship, support, advocacy and trust from my leader.” – Chris

Opportunity and wellbeing

“Dear Santa, I’m feeling burnt out. It’s been a stressful year and yet I’m bored with my job. I need a change. Please provide some opportunity for me to grow, it doesn’t even have to be a promotion. Stretch skills or new projects, and my leader showing he actually cares about my future.” – Kate

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