is your culture a magnet for talent?

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Culture has been a hot topic in business circles for the past few years. Bookstores, business conferences, consultants, and institutes are filled with advice on becoming a great place to work—a thriving workplace culture that employees actually want to engage with.

These days, it seems everybody wants to be Google or Apple. But can you really create a successful corporate culture by copying someone else’s? Which perks really work? Which cultural traits make your company a magnet for top talent? Inspire employees to achieve? Make them want to stay?

Considering all the information available, it should be easy for an organization to foster a culture that attracts, engages, and retains the best and brightest talent. But it’s not that easy. Why?

It turns out the word “culture” means a lot of different things to different people. If not approached thoughtfully, culture can become something companies chase forever without ever really arriving at their destination. Organizations spend millions of dollars on office perks, surveys, inspirational training, programs, and tools to improve “culture,” but in most cases, these initiatives fall short of creating a truly irresistible culture of success.

Research indicates several common missteps companies take when trying to improve culture. Not knowing where you want to go, chasing the wrong things, and thinking you can change culture overnight are among the most common errors. But there’s also good information out there. And hope.

On Wednesday, September 28th, join O.C. Tanner’s Christina Chau and Chris Drysdale in a free, HRCI and SHRM-accredited webinar to discover 4 epic corporate corporate culture fails (and how to overcome them). You’ll discover what to avoid and what to do right to make your towards a great workplace culture a resounding success.

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