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Think about your favorite brands. It could be a retailer, car brand, airline, restaurant chain. Why do you love these brands? What do these brands cause you to do? They prompt you to visit, make a purchase, recommend the brand and products to a friend or family member. But hopefully they also inspire you – to feel and be your best.

An organization’s brand can be very powerful. Companies with great brands have strong customer loyalty, growing profits, and priceless value and social capital in the world. But what many companies miss is that a great brand can also create loyalty and value with an organization’s own employees.

Employers can leverage their brand to connect employees to their organization’s goals, values, and purpose. They can use their brand to inspire their people to collaborate, innovate, and do great work for their customers.

It all starts with a strong employer brand – one that connects with employees on an emotional level. A brand that is reinforced when the company shows appreciation for employees who accomplish great things. A brand that employees are constantly reminded of.

An organization’s brand can be powerful, both externally and internally. Unfortunately, many companies don’t leverage their brand to connect with employees and create a purpose and passion in their work. They miss out on an opportunity to take all the creativity, inspiration, and investment in their external brand and use it to influence greatness in their people. They forget that the simple act of appreciating great work can reinforce your brand and your purpose every time someone says, “thank you”. And they miss out on building a great workplace culture.

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