navigating change and chaos in today’s hr world

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In my line of work, I talk to and hear from a lot of HR leaders. From small companies of 500 employees to global companies with over 200,000 employees, I see a lot of trends emerge.

Yes, there are the trends they talk about at conferences or on webinars: big data, mobile technology, globalization, employee performance reviews, and more. But aside from those buzz words, we see other trends in every type of company: multi-generational workforces; virtual employees; business changes (mergers and acquisitions, financial downturns, executive leadership changes). Demands from CEOs to be more strategic, help change company culture, and impact the bottom line. And lots and lots of change.

Recently, we interviewed HR leaders to see what their day-to-day jobs were like. While most of them wanted to work on initiatives like employee engagement, culture change, or even revamping performance reviews, most were still tied up working 10+ hours a day on employee relations issues, HR laws and regulations, and managing the ever-changing workplace. Most of these leaders all went into HR for the same reason—to help people. To make a difference in the lives of employees and companies. But how they can do this amongst all the change and chaos in the HR world?

We know from our research that appreciation and recognition impacts employees. But what we don’t talk about as much is how an HR leader can use recognition to navigate the constantly changing workplace—to bring people together, no matter what generation, country, location, of type of work they are in. No matter what situation a company is going through—whether you just hit your biggest revenue year or are the midst of huge layoffs because of an economic crisis—the simple art of a “thank you” can do wonders to bring teams together, calm fears, communicate what is important, and inspire great work.

How do you get employees in Australia to collaborate with business partners thousands of miles away in the U.K.?

How can a baby boomer adjust to having a new Millennial employee as their leader?

How do you engage and inspire a workforce of 50,000 employees from different backgrounds and experiences to do great work?

Use appreciation.

Join me on Thursday, February 18th, as I share tips and insights on using appreciation to navigate today’s workplace issues. Register today for our HRCI-certified webinar, “Successfully navigate today’s workplace issues: Insights on workplace culture, generations, and HR trends.”

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