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What happens when a company with 60,000 employees worldwide undergoes a dramatic business transformation and cultural shift? How about an increase in engagement? SVP of Total Rewards at Thompson Reuters and speaker at O.C. Tanner’s Influence Greatness 2017 conference, Kumar Kymal shares some of the strategies that helped them “increase employee engagement in a cost-constrained environment.”

In late 2013, Thomson Reuters’ CEO announced some major directional changes for the company. From the shift to enterprise to organic growth with over 100 acquisitions a year, and a completely new set of company values. To save their company’s culture, without breaking the bank, they began focusing in on the employee engagement and development.

Kumar touched on how Thomson Reuters began measuring their engagement. It all starts with the emotional commitment of an employee at work – this includes how they think, feel, and act. And it impacts everything. High engagement results in better performance, lower turnover, higher customer satisfaction, innovation, and financial performance (including stock value).

To achieve this high level of engagement, the company created their own engagement initiatives, what Kumar called their “culture initiatives,” to try connect the transformation of company values to their employees line of sight. This multi-faceted approach focused in on their purpose, culture, values, wellbeing, recognition, talent development, rewards, and performance.

Finally, he shared one of these successful talent initiatives called, The Talent Marketplace. It was a way to start connecting people with projects that matter. They would find those high performing employees that were seeking further development to work on the project that fit best. Once employee communication was established and managers and leaders were clear of expectations, engagement soared.

To hear more from Kumar Kymal on Thomson Reuter’s engagement journey, go more in depth on The Talent Marketplace, and how you can optimize employee engagement in your own organization’s culture, listen to the full webinar recording here.

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