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Your organization’s brand can be a powerful force to connect your employees to your organization, its purpose, and each other. Unfortunately, many companies don’t reinforce their external brand internally with their own people, creating a company culture where employees don’t feel inspired. This month’s webinar hosted by Kelly Olsen, Director of Creative Strategy at O.C. Tanner, shared how to create an employer brand that brings your company’s purpose and vision to life, inspires greatness in your people, and helps your whole organization feel connected and valued.

Kelly began by sharing the benefits of having a strong employer brand in relation to your culture. The two go hand-in-hand. Taking a hard look at your internal brand and intentionally crafting and communicating the message and feel is the answer to shaping a great workplace culture. A strong employer brand unifies employees, connects everyone to a clear purpose, defines your organization’s values, and communicates what makes you a great place to work. But where should you begin?

Kelly presented 4 key steps needed to connect your employees to the organization:

1. Conduct an audit. Understand where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow.

2. Define the employer brand framework. Define your Purpose, Principles, Behaviors, and Values.

3. Craft your voice, look, and feel. Crafting the creative for your brand.

4. Reinforce it with recognition. Make employees cheerleaders for your organization.

After figuring out your strong employer brand, what is it going to take to make sure employees stay engaged and excited? That is where a branded Recognition program comes into play. It’s one of the most valuable tools you have available. At every turn during implementation of your brand and well after, recognition solidifies your company’s values and rewards employees who live the brand out every day. Recognize your employees and they’ll become your biggest cheerleaders.

Kelly finishes by reminding listeners to not make the mistake of implementing just any program, recognition or employer brand, and think the energy will remain high. Proactively addressing the engagement and communication of your programs helps to sustain it and keep things fresh and top of mind. Keeping the momentum going is crucial to making sure the overall employee experience never loses its spark.

Listen to the full webinar recording to learn more about how to use your organization’s brand to connect with employees and create a purpose and passion in their everyday work. Because in the end, by pairing your brand with recognition, you create a winning workplace culture.

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