recap: the impact of a great workplace culture on business outcomes

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Dana Ullom-Vucelich, Chief Human Resources and Ethics Officer at Ohio Living, led us on their journey to building a great culture through recognition and the business outcomes they saw as a result.

Dana started by sharing Ohio Living’s Mission: to provide adults with caring and quality services toward the enhancement of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. She spoke about how everything the company and employees do align with 13 belief statements to create a purpose for their people. Dana also shared some statistics and quotes about the importance of engaged employees who feel recognized, which helped her convince their leaders that recognition and culture were important to their business.

Dana then took us through Ohio Living’s journey. They implemented several recognition initiatives to help them build a great culture:

  • Turning 13 belief statements into 6 easily communicated value statements
  • Above and Beyond recognition
  • Recognition for years of service
  • Incorporating recognition and culture into Lead Ohio Living new hire orientation
  • Creating a unified culture across all Ohio Living locations

As a result of these efforts, Ohio Living saw tangible business outcomes. They compared their “great” recognizing locations with their “good” recognizing locations, and found substantial differences in:

  • Job satisfaction (75% job satisfaction in locations with high recognition vs. 62% in locations with lower recognition)
  • Nursing turnover (39% turnover in locations with high recognition vs. 62% turnover in locations with lower recognition)
  • Resident (customer) falls (11.5 falls in locations with high recognition vs. 23.5 falls in locations with lower recognition)
  • Infection rates (8 UTI’s in locations with high recognition vs. 11.6 UTI’s in locations with lower recognition)

They also saw fewer percentage of residents who had an outpatient ER visit, a decrease in hospital readmission rates, and an increase in the “home health improvement in ambulation” outcome score in those locations with high recognition.

Dana finished the webinar with 3 key takeaways for anyone trying to improve their workplace culture through recognition:

  1. Ensure your recognition and culture initiatives are aligned with your purpose
  2. Clearly define what you want your recognition and culture initiatives to accomplish
  3. Take the time to measure the return on your recognition and culture investments

To hear more about Dana and Ohio Living’s incredible story, listen to the recording.

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