recap: transforming your workplace culture with purpose and opportunity

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What if every person came to work in your company each day feeling like they really matter? Like what they do makes a difference for their company and the customer? Gary Peterson, executive vice president of Supply Chain and Production, started this month’s webinar by sharing how the traditional leadership needs to be turned upside down in order for employees to be empowered to truly make improvements in their organization.

Gary showed results of the culture transformation he’s achieved in his manufacturing team: efficiency improved by 400%; floor space reduced by 70%; 100% of toxic waste eliminated. But the most important result was increasing the empowerment of his people. His team members, not leadership, are the daily drivers of continuous improvement; they have high engagement, are happy, and are accountable for their results.

Gary led us through the three systems he put in place to bring about this cultural change.

1. Coaching. Leaders sitting down with their people, one-on-one for 60 minutes, every month, to mentor them and guide them. While managers were hesitant at first due to time constraints, the more time they spent coaching their people, the less time they needed to spend on problems and issues within their teams. A main focus of coaching is to get everyone aligned to the company strategy, so each team member can see how their work impacts the company. Coaching also creates connections between leaders and team members, and develops people so they can more fully utilize their untapped potential.
2. Strategy deployment. By reviewing strategy twice a year, taking time to celebrate success, reviewing their place in the company, and sharing insights and information with their teams, teams can define and set their own goals. This system pulls every team member right into the heart of the company strategy. He shared examples of process improvements that came about as a result of strategy deployment.

 3. Continuous improvement. Focusing on eight wastes that all employees see in their jobs, Gary discussed how they use a team board and transparent communication to improve efficiency and reduce these wastes. Employees publicly set a goal for themselves and figure out how they will hit it, every day.

Gary ended the webinar by sharing some best practices:

  • Put people ahead of process
  • Communicate and be transparent
  • Make work meaningful and learning fun
  • Make it safe to experiment and take risks
  • Show people you value them and their work

Listen to the full recording to hear more of Gary’s success stories and see how you can transform your organization using purpose and opportunity.

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